Peering Policy

Have any interest to direct peer with us ?
Our network has grow from 2012 from 0 to 1gbps,
and direct peering will make our user experience better.

No contract required, as long as you have Network and ASN,
Saranaindo is open to have a direct peering with your ASN.

Both side need to make sure that outgoing traffic is legit,
and will have a good communication to solve the problem when arise.


For nowadays, Saranaindo only have POP at Cyber1 Building,
Start from 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, and 3rd Floor,
but it will be more convenience and suitable
ifwe have an interconnection at APJII Datacenter 1st Floor.

Saranaindo will continously growing their network to meet the
consumer needs.

Fast response and quick problemsolving is our high priority.